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fallen heroes

 as human beloved and respected, as character admired, hated and revered.

although they always save the earth with their superpowers, win the heart of the most beautifull love interest after few simple words and at the end they are the glancing winners,.... At the big screen the time will stand still forever, but after the shots there´s only the normal real life with all its consequences. And the life doesn´t care about the superhero´s.

because of that i dedicate this subsite fallen heroes to all those, theirs work made my soul getting moved in laughing, crying, shocking....

Here i give the respect to all, who were gone already and remember everytime to their work, their passion.


(Unfortunately this list will never be complete. If you think i forgot some important people, please inform me via my contact link)



Michael Gough (Butler Alfred in Batman - Batman & Robin, Sleepy Hollow,...)

Heath Ledger (Joker in The Dark Knight, 4 Federn, Brokeback Mountain,.....)

Pat Hingle  (Comm. Gordon Batman - Batman & Robin,....)

Anton Furst (Production Design Batman ...

Andreas Katsulas (G`Kar Babylon5, The Fugitive...

Jeff Conaway (Sec. Chief Babylon5, Grease,.....)

Stan Winston (Special Effects Jurassic Park, Terminator, Batman Returns, Star Wars,....)

Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider, Waterworld, Speed,.......)

Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing, North and South, Ghost, Road House......)

Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin, Babylon5,.....)


diese unterseite ist in bearbeitung, die darstellung wird noch angepasst, um mehr informationen der darsteller abrufen zu koennen..