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I was born on July, 25th, 1975 in Munich. My first contact to Batman I had when i was about 10 years old, when i stayed my grandparents one day. An Aunt came to visit us and gave me as a gift a Batman-Comic. (which i have till today!) At this time she couldnt know what shes done.. hahaha.... Thank you, dear Aunt..

Undepending to that in my childhood i heared sometimes in the radio music from Elvis Presley.... Jailhouse Rock, Are you lonesome tonight, In the ghetto.... I still rememer that.. and i liked him. So i got at one of my birthdays a music cassette (i cant remember, what birthday, about the age of 8 or 10) - Elvis Presley Golden Records. But i dont know if it exists still now.



These two points leaded my life to what it is today.

In the Age of about 18- 20 i got into my first contact with latex and leather (no, not what you think now:-)) and i started to create my first batman costume. Sure, it looked catastrophically, BUT... I had my first costume and i was soo proud of it.

                                                                                A few years later, it was february in 2005, the hobby moved into the background, a friend of mine showed me a internet-forum, where people were talking about batman, superman, predator, starwars ect.... That was the start point of my second carrier in creating and wearing costumes. Still now i am a rookie, but i learned a lot meanwhile.

I found new friends, many experiences and lost a lot of money ;-) Because this hobby is very expensive, but it makes me happy.

From that day of course my expactations and wihes growed up, and so i got more and more costumes. A good friend took me to Freddy Kruger from the movies A nightmare on elmstreet, another friend showed me the tv- series Babylon 5, of which now i want to create the one or the other costume, too.

Because of my new passion of travelling the costume business came one more time into the background.. Also the financial times do not really help me:

The Costs stay at their level or rise up, but the monthly cheque coming doesnt rise up.... who i do say that?

Nevertheless, postponed means not cancelling !!